12 Benefits Of An Air Purifier

Air quality is something that every single one of us has to consider. You probably already have an air conditioning system, an ionizer or maybe a dehumidifier. But have you thought about getting an air purifier? It is necessary for any home and business space as the health benefits are many. It cleans a room’s atmosphere from dangerous to healthy allergens. It can also eliminate airborne particles and impurities, like dust mites and pet hair that aren’t visible.

A dog next to an air purifier in a bedroom

No matter how often you open the windows of the house, unfortunately, the airflow isn’t enough. The indoor air remains harmful to your health. Germs and bacteria that circulate in the air don’t leave. Instead, along with the ones that already exist in your space, new ones will be added, coming in together with the fresh air from an open window. What a headache, right?

What’s more, various gases from heaters, fireplaces and even the carbon monoxide that comes from open windows, are added along with the airborne allergenic particles. These burden health and make things even worse, especially for those who already have a health issue, such as asthma. Using an air purifier will improve your home’s air quality and eliminate germs and bacteria, reducing the chances of creating any kind of trouble for you. But what are they, and why do we need one? Below we’ll see some useful information about these devices and what the health benefits are.

What is an air purifier?

Air purifiers (or else air cleaners) are devices that clean and renew the house’s air from dangerous elements. These elements float in the atmosphere and are quite harmful to our health. They make existing diseases even worse or trigger new ones.

The inside air tends to be dirtier than outdoor air since internal humidity favours the development of mould and mould spores. At the same time, heating and cooling systems help particles, dust bacteria, pet dander, fur, and airborne pollens to circulate around the house. What’s more, pollen and outdoor air toxins blow in through open windows and doors and cling to carpets, upholstery and furniture. No matter how much we sweep and clean the floors and the furniture, they don’t leave. They keep hovering in the atmosphere of the house, and we inhale them. Sorry if that was a bit shocking for you! But, that is why every house needs one to clean and renew the air. 

An air purifier cleaning the air of a room

How do air purifiers work? 

There are many air purifier types. Each one is suitable to meet specific needs. Some models are small portable appliances, while others can connect to the cooling-heating system of your home. All types have the same purpose; to sanitise the indoor air from airborne pollutants. Their difference, though, lies in how they work, specifically in the way they clear the air. 

In general terms, an air cleaner consists of an air filtration system and a fan that sucks air. While air moves through the filters, all kinds of particles are cleaned, and then clean air is released back into the room. Usually, filters are made of paper, fibre or mesh. 

However, some types have activated carbon filters,  true HEPA filters or an air filtration system that includes negative-ion generators to neutralise particles. All types can remove harmful contaminants and airborne irritants from the air. 

If you don’t have a cooling-heating installation in your home or if it isn’t so easy to change the existing one, then see below the five different types that you can easily move anywhere in your home. 

What are the types of air purifiers?

There are seven main types. They all have the same purpose: to clean air. But, they differ in the way they work. 


Air purifiers of this type have a filter system called HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air). It removes 99.7% of the elements suspended in the atmosphere. It is quite effective as long as the particles are up to 0.3 microns in size; otherwise, it can’t catch them. Of course, the particles that float and are visible are 50-60 microns. With this air filter, it’s almost impossible for the dust particles in your space not to pass through.


This type uses UV light. Its design was based on the ultraviolet light bulbs used in hospitals to sterilise rooms and laboratories. UV air purifiers have a chamber in which this kind of light is emitted. With its help, the air that enters the chamber is filtered and comes out cleaner. Their light kills bacteria, germs and even mould spores and returns filtered air to the room.

Activated carbon

These air purifiers effectively clean the air from volatile organic compounds, odours, fumes, gases. They consist of a carbon air filter that traps gas molecules on a unique bed of activated carbon. They can’t clean the air of microparticles. Some models, though, have HEPA filters and are able to clean those as well at the same time.

The filter stages of an air purifier

Electrostatic precipitator

This type uses electricity to grab and hold the harmful elements that pass through the cleaner’s filters. They consist of wires and plates. They charge the air with electricity and ionise the impurities through the process. The harmful particles remain glued to electrostatic plates inside the device, and thus the air comes out filtered and free of anything harmful.

Purifier-humidifier combo 

This type is a combination of an air cleaner and a humidifier. Instead of having two different appliances, you can have this one and enjoy the benefits of both. This device keeps the moisture at the desired levels, whilst an air purifier cleans the indoor air from all small particles and bacteria. The combination of these two different devices can deal with moisture and air pollution.  

Negative ion

This type charges these ions to remove airborne particles. Then, these particles are charged by attracting ions from the ioniser. After that, the charged particles cling to any surface around the home. This way, the air is much cleaner, with no contaminants hoovering around. However, they still remain inside your house since they’re stuck on your furniture. The important thing, though, is that you won’t inhale them. You’ll just have to wipe your furniture. 

Ozone air purifiers or ozone generators

Ozone generators release ozone gas to clean the air and remove odours. Ozone is a gas that can alert the chemical composition of any particle or gas in the air, and then the air seems fresher. However, this type doesn’t clear out the airborne allergens. It just masks them. Breathing ozone can provoke throat irritation, coughing and breathing problems. That’s why ozone purifiers aren’t recommended for domestic use. Mainly hotels use this type of purifier on rooms no longer occupied because ozone gas makes the room unsuitable for at least 24 hours. 

What are the benefits of having an air purifier? 

We mentioned above that it cleans our home’s atmosphere from many harmful and invisible particles. But what are the benefits to our health? Let’s take a close look.

Protection against asthma attacks & other respiratory issues

In case you’re an asthma sufferer or have any respiratory problems, you’ll probably have noticed that being at home, cause more frequent asthma attacks or breathing problems. This is because homes are “dirtier” than the outside. Skin cells, dirt or dust, household cleaners, cooking fumes, cosmetics, perfumes and hair sprays are spread all over the surfaces and can affect these conditions.

These devices are considered essential in such cases. Especially those using HEPA filters. They are the only ones that can clear a large percentage of the air from these particles that are responsible for worsening this kind of health condition.   

A man having an asthma attack

Allergen ellimination 

Dust mites, pollen, pet odours and dander are often hidden behind the allergic reactions that make your daily life difficult. Even cleaning your home regularly won’t make things better. However, the simplest way to protect you or a family member that suffers from allergies is to use an air purifier. It can easily clean and improve air quality by removing allergens and odours from the atmosphere.

Prevent health problems caused by cigarette smoke

Whether you are a smoker or a passive smoker, tobacco smoke inhalation can cause health problems. The use of a purifier with HEPA or an activated carbon filtration system is appropriate in this case. Both types can clean the atmosphere from cigarette smoke and make your home a clean place to live in.

Removal of external pollutants

Researches have shown that people living in urban centres suffer from allergies and asthma at a higher rate than those living in the countryside. This is due to the air pollution from sulfur dioxide and nitrogen, ozone or the gases emitted by cars. The house’s adequate ventilation freshens the atmosphere and the indoor air, but it can’t clear it from air pollutants. Instead, every time you open your windows to ventilate your house, external contaminants enter, burdening your home’s atmosphere. The best way to clean your space’s air is with a good purifier that will filter the polluted air and redirect it to the room clean.

Improve your mood

Have you ever found yourself in need of fresh air to help you calm down when you’re upset or in a bad mood? Do you know why this is happening? Because as it’s been proven, fresh air improves our mood. Using an electrodynamic air purifier in your home every day, you will not have to go out on the balcony to calm down. You will be calm anyway! It’ll help you relax and create a happy mood.

Reduces stress

It has been proved that those who breathe polluted air feel more anxious than those who breathe fresh air. Fresh air lowers cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for stress. If the space you spend most of your day in isn’t clean, then you have one more reason to stress about. The purifier, though, will clean the atmosphere from toxins in your space, will reduce the levels of cortisol in your body and you will feel calmer and more relaxed.

Improves sleep

An atmosphere filled with bad smells and particles causes itching in the nose and sneezing. A condition that doesn’t help much in sleep. An air purifier will remove and clean the air from toxins, chemicals, odours from cooking while at the same time, it’s almost silent. During its operation, it produces a sound that isn’t annoying at all. Some of them, actually, can play natural sounds to help you further with your sleeping. 

A woman sleeping peacefully next to her air purifier

Reduces smells

I’m sure it’s happened to you too! A time where your house smells bad! Either because you’ve got a pet or because there’s a bad smell coming in through the open windows or even because of cooking. But no matter how much you clean, the scent remains. And in combination with the dust, you have trouble breathing. So if you’re going through a situation like this, the air purifier will make things much better. It’ll cleanse the atmosphere from the unpleasant odours and indoor pollutants and help you breathe better.

Helps you get rid of insects

Air purifiers can relieve us of even the pesky insects that can transmit some infectious disease. The usual suspects in these transmissions are the mosquitoes! There are certain types of purifiers that have a built-in insect repellent. These emit UV light to attract mosquitoes and then trap them in a sheet of glue. What’s more, with a purifier, we don’t need to use repellents to get rid of them and burden our home’s atmosphere with extra toxins. You have probably found that insecticides are not so effective after all.

Lowers the risk of contamination

The inside air is full of bacteria and viruses, many of which can lead to trouble. Plus, it’s burdened with extra bacteria every time a family member is sick and sneezes. Those germs are spread everywhere, which can be a headache for all the other members of the family. Due to the filtration of air, air purifiers can eliminate the risk of contamination by clearing out the air and killing those germs.

Protects your house from mould

Do you need to clean mould off your walls too often? Excess humidity inside the house usually leads to the formation of mould on the walls and ceiling. An unpleasant situation not only to look at but also for your health. Mould spores can cause infections, irritations, asthma attacks and so on. The use of a purifier can make things better. It can absorb mould and kill mould spores

A woman relaxing in her home that has fresh air

As you can see, the benefits of using an air purifier are many and very important. But using one isn’t enough. If you want to have a clean house without toxins, bacteria and dust that cause various health problems, you better change your daily routines. Every day open the windows to freshen up the air in the house, wipe and clean all surfaces so that no dust accumulates and shake carpets and covers out as often as possible. Following these tips and using an air purifier, will improve your home’s atmosphere, your mood and your health too!

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