Answered: How To Stop Mattress From Sliding Off bed Frame?

Have you ever woken up in the morning and found out that your mattress has slipped out of the bed frame? If it has happened to you at least one, you should read this article. A sliding mattress isn’t only your problem. It’s a common problem most people face.

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A slipping mattress is a sign that there is something wrong either with your mattress or your bed. The good news is that we know how to stop mattress from sliding off the bed frame, and we are about to share all the answers with you. Ready? Let’s get started!

Why is the mattress sliding?

First and foremost, you need to figure out why a mattress slides on a bed frame. Many reasons can make this happen, like friction issues. Here are some of the most common culprits.

1. Lack of friction

One of the main reasons why a mattress moves is friction. Or better when there’s no friction. Lack of friction can occur to even the best mattresses. However, double-sided mattresses tend to slide more. Due to their smooth cover, they fail to provide friction against the bed base and have difficulty staying in place. 

Well-built memory foam mattresses or spring and hybrid beds are made from non-slip materials, creating extra resistance and keeping the mattress in place. 

2. Improper and poor support

Beds have different types of frames. Platform beds or box spring ones have more slipping problems than other types due to their smooth and flat surface. They don’t have rails or grippers to prevent mattresses from moving. Moreover, old frames have uneven support or slats that cannot provide proper support. Bed bases with rails can keep mattresses in place and steady. As a plus, beds stay stable without moving. Some bed frames may not have a headboard or footboard to keep the bed frame centred, causing the mattress to slide.

3. Dirty and old mattress

Dirty and old mattresses are another reason for sliding. Did you know that you should replace your mattress every ten years? What’s more, did you how to clean your mattress? All these can contribute to the well-being of your mattress. As a result, they can keep your mattress in place. Mattress protectors and mattress toppers can protect your mattress from buildup body fluids, dead skin cells, dust and dirt on it, which can contribute to a sliding sleeping surface

4. Sizing problems

When choosing a mattress, you should get one that fits the size of the bed frame, not bigger or smaller. If your mattress is smaller or larger than the bed frame, it will slide. Usually, queen-size and king-size beds have excess space on the sides, making the mattress slide around the frame.

If the bed frame is larger than the mattress, a gap will allow the mattress to move around. The best is to get the right size frame for the bed. 

5. Shrinking mattress

All mattresses start shrinking in size over time. Weird, right? However, if you consider that we spend around 8-10 hours in bed per day, it wouldn’t sound too odd. Over time and usage, the overall depth of the mattress shrinks. When you first get a new mattress. It will fit properly on the bed. But after years of use, it will eventually slide. The best would be to turn your mattress to maintain its shape for a long time.

6. Jumping on the bed

Did you like jumping on the bed like a trampoline when you were a kid? Or even now, when you return from an exhausting day at work, don’t you flop onto the bed? That’s another reason. The pressure of your body moves the mattress, causing moving issues.

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7. Bed skirts

Metal bed frames are for sure antiaesthetic. That’s why many people buy bed skirts to cover them. However, these are made from synthetic materials that create a slippery surface between the brackets and the mattress. If you want to use bed skirts, you better opt for cotton-made ones to help the mattress stay in place.

How to stop a mattress from sliding off the bed frame

Now, you know the reasons why your mattress moves. But do you know how to stop it? Luckily, there are enough DIY tips and tricks to keep your mattress in place, and you enjoy a good night’s sleep. Let’s see what you can do!

1. Rubber mat

A cheap and easy way to stop your mattress from moving around is to use rubber mats. These mats are usually made from rubber or foam and are available in furniture and DIY stores. They’re thin pads and won’t change your bed’s feel. How do you use them? Measure your mattress size and get a rubber mat a bit larger. Then, place it between the top of the bed base and the mattress. And that’s all!

If you are looking for a temporary solution, you can use a yoga mat (or two), plastic mattress bags, a clean rubber welcome mat or shelf liners. They will all do the trick.

2. Velcro strips

Velcro strips are a great way to keep your mattress stable. Get long hook and loop strips with adhesive on one side and velcro on the other. Cut the strips to fit your bed, stick them along the bottom of the mattress and stick the opposing strips on the bed frame or box spring

3. Carpet tape

Carpet tapes are used beneath carpets to prevent slippage. The same can do to your mattress. Remember that that’s a temporary solution, as the tape might leave glue on the mattress or rip the threads. An alternative to carpet tape is velcro tape.

4. Vacuum under the mattress

As we already mentioned, building up dust, debris, dead skin cells etc., is one of the reasons a mattress moves. To eliminate the chances of a mattress moving around, vacuum the bottom of your mattress. Turn the mattress over, attach the upholstery brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner and clean the bottom side of the mattress. Before vacuuming, it would be a good idea to freshen your mattress a bit using baking soda. 

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5. Bed frame

If you have a large bed frame, you have two options to fix it. You can either purchase a new bed frame that can fit better or get a new bed with suitable sizes to your existing frame. What’s more, a bed frame with a headboard and footboard can keep the mattress steady. 

The second option you have is more temporary. Place wooden planks or small rolls of soft items like towels between the extra spaces between the sides of the bed. However, you may need to adjust them often.

6. Non-slip mattress pad

Another tip is to buy a non-slip mattress pad. In simple words, get a mattress stopper. These slip-resistant mattress pads are similar to anti-slip rubber mats and come in standard mattress sizes, like king size, queen size, twin etc. So you better choose the pads that fit your mattress correctly. If you aren’t of the size, buy larger pads, and trim the excess with scissors. 

7. An area rug between the floor and the bed

The simplest solution is to place an area rug between the floor and the bed to stop moving. A rug will upgrade and stylish up your bedroom. Get a larger rug than your bed and a thick-pile carpet so that the bed legs will create friction on the carpet. 

8. Rubber pads

Finally, you can put elastic rubber pads suitable for all types of mattresses. Band the elastic pads around the bed frame and pull them over the mattress. Then, put your mattress cover on and the rest of the beddings. It’s likely, you won’t feel them while sleeping. They might, though, leave a dent in soft foam.

Tips to prolong your mattress life

A mattress is an investment you make a few times in your life. Usually, a mattress lasts for about ten years if it’s well taken care of. Here are some tips you can follow to make your mattress last longer.

  1. Support your mattress correctly.
  2. Use a mattress protector/ topper from the beginning.
  3. Change your sheets, blankets and pillowcases regularly.
  4. Vacuum it often.
  5. Use a mattress cover.
  6. Flip it over at least once every three months.


How can you keep a mattress steady on a metal bed frame?

Usually, metal frames don’t have the necessary friction to hold a mattress steady in place and placing a tape, or a rubber won’t make things better. There’s an easy trick, though, you can do and stop it from moving. If your bed doesn’t have side rails, create them. Measure the edges of the bed and get trim stocks. Another tip is to use elastic straps. Band them around the frame and pull them over the mattress.

How can you keep the mattress from moving on the box spring?

There are many solutions to limit your mattress’ movements. But what if you have a box spring base? The most affordable option is to use mattress anti-slip products. If you want a more permanent solution, you should probably invest in the best kind of bed and a mattress with a non-slip side.

How can you keep the mattress topper from slipping?

The most common problem with toppers is that they slide off once placed on the mattress. The best way to overcome this culprit is to use sheet straps or deep fitted sheets. For extra help, add velcro, carpet or even duct tape, or a non-skid mattress. They will all add extra grip to the mattress.

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A slipping mattress is a big problem and a frustrating situation. Before solving the problem, you better look for the causes first. Once you find out why your mattress moves, you will know the best solution to follow and fix. In this article, we have the most common reasons and solutions. Choose the one that fits best your needs. If all else fails, then you may start thinking about getting a new bed and mattress.

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