All You Need On How To Pack Necklaces DIY Style

Who doesn’t love jewellery? The right ring or necklace can make the perfect finishing touch for an evening out. But, if you’re a true accessory-enthusiast, we’re betting you’re just as curious about the right way to store your statement necklaces. Rings you can hang on a ring holder, and earrings can be stored in a box. Jewellery organisers are amazing, but what about your precious metallic or bead necklaces? What’s the right way to store a necklace to ensure it doesn’t bend or break?

Jewelry box with mirror and stylish golden bijouterie on table

That’s where we can help you. In fact, this entire guide is centred around helping you find the perfect way to stow or pack them that goes around your neck to ensure they don’t tarnish or become a tangled mess. All you have to do is go through our packing tips and keep your high-quality jewellery safe and sound. 

Why is packing necklaces the right way important?

Before we carry on with our DIY on how to pack necklaces, let’s take a moment to understand why proper storage methods are so important. Below are some of the reasons why storage is a big part of keeping yours safe

1. Heat damage

Did you know sunlight and heat can damage your jewellery and cause it to be dull or become discoloured? Ultra-violet rays can also structurally impair your necklaces and cause them to deteriorate faster. 

If we’re talking about stones, heat can actually distort the colour of certain gemstones. So, long story short, be it bejewelled bangles or any other piece of jewellery – keeping them exposed to direct sunlight and heat is a no-no. That’s why experts advise storing your jewellery in a cool and dry place like a jewellery case

2. Beauty product damage

We bet you didn’t think your daily skincare or makeup routine posed any threats to your jewellery. But the truth is, a variety of beauty products, from perfumes to lotions and even hairspray, can disfigure your necklaces and other accessories in a number of ways. 

It’s best to keep all your trinkets off as you’re getting ready for the day and put them on only once you’re done. Conversely, when you’re taking off makeup or applying lotions before turning in for the night, take off your jewellery before starting the process. It’s essential to try and minimise the amount of time your trinkets are exposed to any such products. 

3. Tangling, bends, and cracks

More often than not, jewellery, especially necklaces, suffer surface damage or cracks through incorrect storage methods. Long necklaces with chains or beads are prone to tangling and breaking, which can be avoided through simple DIY methods. 

Tangled Necklaces

4. Chemical-related damage

If jewellery can react to the compounds found in your beauty products, they’re highly susceptible to the compounds found within cleaning products too. 

Harsh chemicals can not only tarnish your trinkets but can also cause structural and surface damage. It’s not unheard of for cleaning products to completely ruin the looks but also directly affect its shelf life. 

Packing necklaces without tangling when at home

The great thing about packing tangle-free necklaces is that there’s more than one way to do it. Plus, some DIY methods don’t really require you to spend any money because you likely have most of the materials you need at home

You’ll see what we mean in just a minute. In the meantime, let’s get started on how you can pack your valuable pieces when at home. 

1. Ziploc bags

Probably the most underrated invention of this century, ziploc bags can help big time when it comes to storing your necklaces. You can keep your jewellery safe from tangles via your sandwich bag‘s press n seal magic. Grab your small items, wrap them in tissue from the toilet paper roll and seal the bag shut to keep them safe from damage – all in one place. 

For necklaces, wrap each piece in toilet paper, and store in individual bags to keep them 100% safe from tangling together. Also, be sure to squeeze all the air out to ensure the plastic bag is nice and flat and doesn’t end up taking too much space in your drawer. 

 2. Hangers

We know what you’re thinking, hangers? For necklaces? Sounds bizarre! You may already use them for your long dresses, but the truth is, hangers are perfect for storing all your chunky and easily snarled necklaces, and by placing them in your closet – you can keep your jewellery safe from sunlight and dust

Dress and necklace on hanger on wall background

To utilise this trick, tie off the end of the necklace (using the clasps) on the lower rings of the hanger, and you’re done. You can hang multiple pieces on one coathanger and use a sponge as a divider by making a small incision and pressing it against the base where the pieces are suspended. 

3. Plastic wrap

You can utilise plastic wrap to pack jewellery by laying out a sheet large enough to cover a medium-sized bowl. Then place the necklace on the sheet and curl both ends of the sheet (not too tightly) to form a type of roll

Next, join the two ends of the plastic wrap so that the jewellery items stay in place. This method is excellent for DIY jewellery or for pieces that aren’t too valuable. For the more expensive jewellery, we recommend a travel jewellery organiser or jewellery case for items you use regularly.

4. Bubble wrap

Try using it for packing jewellery that you don’t use too often. Plus, bubble wrapping your necklaces (with the help of packing tape) can also be a great way to keep your delicate trinkets safe during travel or moving to a new home

Start by laying the jewellery on a sheet of bubble wrap big enough to accommodate the item. Then fold the edges gently until they meet and stick them in place with tape. If you don’t want to untangle your necklaces each time you unwrap them, it’s best to limit one item per sheet. 

Packing necklaces when travelling

Stowing jewellery when you’re at home is all good, but what about when you’re on the move? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered there as well. Here are some handy travel tips on how to store your jewellery while moving or travelling.

1. Pill case

You know those pillboxes you have lying around that never get used? Well, pill cases can be perfect for packing small jewellery items like rings and earrings when you’re on the move. Plus, if you have a pillbox organiser, you can store all your items in one place and not lose track of them. 

Also, here’s another pro-tip: make or download a moving checklist to help you keep track of all the things you’ve packed so that you don’t have to resort to opening each box to unearth what you’re looking for. 

Hand holding plastic weekly pill or medicine box

2. Washcloth

This may sound a little weird, but you can use all the extra washcloths (clean ones, of course) you have around the house to help you pack your jewellery for a move. 

Simply lay the necklace (or any other item you have in mind) on the washcloth and fold the cloth to form a roll. Use rubber bands to secure the ends of the washcloth so that the jewellery doesn’t slide out from either side. 

3. Plastic straws

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to help keep your necklace or chains from snarling into an unmanageable mess, opt for using plastic straws

Open the clasp of your necklace and thread one side of the chain through the straw. Then tie off the clasp once again to ensure the chain doesn’t open. You can wrap the straw-wrapped necklace in bubble wrap or place it in a jewellery box for an extra layer of protection if you’re moving homes. 

4. Jewellery roll

You can invest in a jewellery roll to help keep items like bracelets, bangles, and rings safe for when you’re travelling. These rolls come with their own padding and cover to ensure your jewellery doesn’t end up scattered all over in your suitcase and remain safe from bending or breaking

Jewelry and box on gray background

We’re at the end of our jewellery packing guide and hope you have enough useful tips in your arsenal to help you keep your trinkets safe, at home or on the go. Remember, stowing trinkets the proper way is essential for maintaining your jewellery collection and keeping them safe from all types of damage. Plus, if you pack necklaces the way they’re supposed to be, you won’t have to deal with knotted or snarled chains ever again. 

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