A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make A Box Out Of Paper

Are you into paper craft ideas? Do you love papercraft tutorials? Have you already mastered the art of creating paper envelopes? You can now learn how to make something so simple, beautiful and unique. Paper boxes are environmentally friendly and easy to make. They make great gifts, storage containers and trays. Knowing how to make an origami gift box is like having many gift hampers around the house; you can have it handy for impulsive gift-giving year-round!

Many colourful small gift boxes on wooden table

You can make your box by folding any size of paper to create a variety of shapes! Knowing how to make one is practical and fun and an important tool to have in your crafty arsenal. Follow our easy origami box instructions and learn how to make a rectangular or a square box. Ready to become a master of origami? It’s so easy you won’t believe it!

Step-by-step guide: Making a rectangular box

Do you want to make a rectangular origami box? Origami is an ancient Japanese art made out of paper and a beautiful way to decorate your workspace. Just by making folds in a small square of paper, you can create a box that you can use to hold paper clips or candies. Follow our easy origami paper tutorial below and learn about how you can make your own!

Step 1: Choose the paper

A rectangular A4 paper works best for this method. If you are making a party favour or a gift, use patterned paper or/and coloured one. If you are just practising your folding paper skills, you should use some scrap paper instead.

Step 2: Fold your paper vertically in half

If you are using patterned paper, ensure the pattern is on the outside. Unfold your paper again and make sure each fold is creased well. 

  1. You can create the paper folds with a coin, fingernail, or other hard, small object.
  2. If you’re using thick paper, like cardstock, you can use a “scoring tool.” This can be a bone folder, a very dull knife, an empty ballpoint pen, or an embossing tool.

Step 3: Fold each paper’s side to the centre crease

Take the paper’s edge and line it with the centre crease. Remember that the pattern should be on the outside. Then, unfold your paper. It must now be in quarters sectioned widthwise.

Woman's Hands Folding Paper

Step 4: Fold your entire paper in half lengthwise

Keeping the pattern on the outside, unfold the paper once more. It should now be in 8 equal sections.

Step 5: Fold each paper’s short side to the centre crease

Repeat the same process for this new lengthwise centre crease as you did in Step 3 to get the new side 4 sections. Your paper should now have 16 units in all. This time, don’t unfold your paper. But keep it folded lengthwise.

Step 6: Fold each paper corner

Line the paper’s corners up with the nearest lengthwise crease. Your folded corners should each form right triangles with their bases being flush with a lengthwise crease. You should result in an uneven octagon. Also, a paper strip should be between the centre creased edges and the newly folded corner’s edge, creating a flap.

Step 7: Fold the flaps from the middle down over the triangles made in the step above

This flap opens the paper’s centre so you can see the centre crease inside the box.

Since the flap will be seen outside the box, you might consider using two-sided patterned paper for additional ornamentation when making a decorative or paper gift box.

Step 8: Pull up on the 2 flaps

You can hold the 2 flaps by the creases in the middle. Keep in mind that you may need to re-create some of the folds to make your box stand more solid. You now have a complete box!

Step 9: Make any finishing touches

After you are done, you can repeat the same process to make an extra box as a lid and go on to decorate your creation! Use scotch tape on the corners if you want them to sit flat. You can also decorate the box’s bed with pens or markers. If you’re using your new DIY box to hold a gift, write a surprise message to your giftee or add some gift wrap. Let your imagination run and get crafty!

top view of hands making a handmade present paper box

Step-by-step guide: Making a square box with a piece of paper

This folded paper origami box, also called a masu box, has a functional simplicity and is very beautiful. All you’ll need to make it is a piece of square paper. It can be a great hiding place for your tiny treasures. Making a pair of them, you can use one as the box and the other as a lid to wrap small gifts. Follow this easy paper box tutorial to create your DIY gift box!

Step 1: Choose your sheet of paper

The first step is to think about the purpose of your box. 

  1. If this is a decorative item or gift, use patterned or coloured paper.
  2. Use square paper for this method. Make sure your paper is entirely even on each side. Either use square paper, or measure and cut the paper, so each side is the same size.
  3. If you want it as a gift box, origami paper is ideal. 

Step 2: Fold your paper in half diagonally, then unfold

If you are using patterned paper, ensure the pattern is on the inside. Turn your paper 90 degrees and repeat this step. You should now have 4 sections.

Step 3: Fold each corner into the centre

Start with the paper patterned side down and fold each corner to reveal the paper’s pattern side. The plain side should be covered up. The paper should now look like a smaller square made up of 4 identical triangles.

Step 4: Fold 2 parallel edges to the centre

The newly folded paper sections should be folded down on the corner folds’ top you made in Step 3. Your paper should be a rectangle now. After folded completely, you should see only 2 rectangular flaps that meet at the centre.

Step 5: Fold the shorter edges to the centre

You should make the folds over the ones you created in Step 4. The shape should now be an even smaller paper square. At this point, the only visible pieces should again be 2 rectangular flaps that meet at the centre.

kid folding orange paper for origami paper box

Step 6: Unfold your paper partially

Stop unfolding once you have the square made up of triangles you made in Step 3.

  1. Fold 2 parallel edges back towards the centre on your already creased fold. 
  2. There are 2 sets of edges to choose from, but they are both identical. Keep in mind that you are not making a new fold. These will be the beginnings of your box’s sides, so let them sit vertically.

Step 7: Lift the paper by either of the central widthwise triangles

Following this step, you should partially unfold 1 shorter end of the rectangle. Be careful not to use too much force, or you could tear the paper. At this point, you may need to re-create any edges that aren’t crisp. You should now have 3 outwards-facing triangles, 2 of which with a central crease. Each triangle’s base forms 3 sides of the square that will make up the next box’s side.

Step 8: Push the 2 creased triangles back inward

Pinch together the central creases to invert the triangles and push them down. Push inward on these creases and line the triangles against the new side’s central crease. Now that the paper starts folding, lift the new side.

Step 9: Fold the remaining triangle into the box

This last base of the triangle will be the crease that will create this side’s inner lower edge. After you fold it in, the last triangle should now be in the box’s bed, creating a square with 3 other identical triangles.

Step 10: Repeat steps 7-9 with the opposite side

All 4 triangles should fit perfectly into the bottom of the box. Your box’s bottom part will look like the square made up of 4 triangles in Step 3. For the triangles to stay flat, you should tape them down to the bottom edge. After you are done, you can repeat the same process to make an extra box as a lid and go on to decorate your creation!

Female holding a craft gift box

Paper boxes are easy and quick to make, and you can adapt them in various ways to suit the gift inside or the occasion. They are excellent for small gifts and party favours. They can be customised for holidays or fit the recipient’s style by decorating your paper with rubber stamps and many other embellishments. Although there are many printable instructions and templates online, we provide you with the 2 easiest and most famous tutorials! All you need to do is follow our guides and create the box of your choice! And remember, the possibility of creation from paper is infinite!

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