A Complete Guide On How To Paint Interior Doors

Painting your doors seems easy, but you have to have all the painting techniques to avoid wasting time. Indeed, giving a new colour to old doors involves resorting to specific ways of doing things. 

Painting brush and roller

We must not forget that the door is an important piece in the house -just like the kitchen cabinets or the stairs– and when it comes to colour, several variables must be taken into consideration:

  • The style you want to follow
  • The number of doors
  • The brightness of the rooms

Why paint this old house door?

Family members may consider redesigning the house and may decide to turn to a new painting on the interior walls. As a result, we can take the opportunity to give a new youth to its interior doors, which means repainting the entire thing.

It’s better to repaint the door if it’s still in decent shape, but the paint is flaking. To paint your doors, you have to proceed in stages and clean the door using a grease remover. You got to sand the surface of the door with fine paper. The remains of dust must be removed at the same time.

To avoid leaving paint stains on the door handle, it must be protected with masking tape. The cutting is done with a brush in case the door has a decorative element highlighted. It is advisable to paint the outline of the door first so that it can dry.

The paint layer is applied with a smooth surface roller. To keep the door dry, it must be left ajar. It is recommended to observe one day for the hardening of the paint. To finish the job, consider polishing the accessories and fittings.

Does the door play a role when it comes to painting?

The technique for painting also depends on the type of door you want to repaint. For example, to paint an interior wooden door, you first have to prepare the surface to be painted and then sand it. Then, the tools should be set aside, and the door’s panel shall be moistened with a sponge. Then you have to apply the first coat of paint, which must be of good quality. All that remains is to paint with the colour, giving broad brushstrokes.

Painter painting the door white in a new house

It is possible to paint a door with mouldings in the same colour as the panels or opt for a different tone. The same goes for doors with grooves. The panel door is painted with a light colour, and the tracks should have a darker hue. In the case of a varnished door, the varnish must be removed first. Otherwise, the paint may not hold. Finally, to paint pre-painted doors, you have to sand the surface, prepare the roller and brush of 10cm, apply the first coat of paint and wait to see the results before starting with the new coat.

How do I paint an interior wooden door step-by-step?

You have an idea to paint an interior wooden door, but you are afraid to take action. We will explain step by step the method for brilliantly painting your old house doors. We’ve slipped some practical tips to help you paint it the right way.

Necessary equipment and instruments:

  • A screwdriver
  • A protective canvas/plastic film to cover the ground
  • A medium grain abrasive sponge
  • A clean rag
  • A paintbrush
  • A 10 cm paint roller
  • Rubber glue
  • Gloss paint

woman painting a door in detail

Painting interior door in three easy steps:

  1. Take out any hardware. Sand the surface of the door. Use a sanding hold, such as sawhorses, to make it easier for you to work the panels’ edges and corners. Once the surface is smooth, dust and clean with a slightly moist sponge.
  2. Start by applying paint to the mouldings of the upper panels with a brush. Then paint the panels themselves using the roller before moving on to the panels below.
  3. Paint the centre part. Working from top to bottom, apply paint to the ties (horizontal elements). Finally, paint the outer studs.
  4. Allow the painted surface to dry and lightly sand before applying the second coat of paint. When the paint is dry, secure the hardware and walk up the door.

Painting a flat door

Before being repainted, your wood door should be perfectly prepared so that the new coat of paint adheres to the surface as best it can.

  • First, clean the encrusted stains with a soapy sponge, then add filler in cracks and other holes with wood pulp.
  • Then sand the entire surface of the door with sandpaper. You can use a hand-held electric sander if you feel comfortable with it.
  • Use a drop cloth to clear the door of dust and residue.

man sands a wooden door

Don’t forget that you can use special priming after the sanding operation for optimal adhesion of the new coat of paint on your door. You’ll need to scrape the old paint gently before sanding if it’s in bad shape and flaking. If this is not enough to get rid of it, you will need to use a heat stripper or chemical stripper to help you quickly remove the old coat of paint.

If you choose to paint an internal door with moulding, start painting in the corners, then apply the paint in the moulding direction, making sure to pull it well. If the moulding is decorated, then use a round brush to dab the stain and cover the patterns. For more efficiency, you can opt to paint your single panel door using a foam roller. Start painting in the centre of the door and work your way up to the top. Reload the roller in paint before painting the bottom.

DIY tips for painting an interior door

There is no need to buy new doors when it is still possible to use those at home. Just apply some tricks to repaint them and make them look great.

What colours are best for interior doors?

It is possible to choose between different colours to paint an inner door. If the décor is white, it is advisable to select yellow-ish colours for the door. It accentuates the feeling of lightness. For more exoticism, it is recommended to opt for a door painted in salmon pink. It will stand out from the white colour of the walls. Blue, for its part, evokes depth, but it goes well with white. It is possible to make it more original by painting the door in two different colours.

Paint the door frame a different colour?

It is suggested to paint the door frame a different colour than the rest of the door to avoid monotony. For a wooden door, a white frame is to be highlighted. It enhances the door and maximizes the depth effect. Ideal for adding a decorative touch is to paint the door frame with two colours depending on the door’s face.

Blu coloured walls and white door

How do you paint a door without making a mess?

It is possible to paint an interior solid wood door without leaving brush marks. First of all, you have to choose good quality paint. It is recommended to apply a sublayer before laying an extra coat of paint. The paint should take time to dry. When painting the door, you should not put too much pressure on the roller. To avoid dripping, do not overload your foam roller. If traces of rollers persist, you can catch them at the time of the second coat of paint. For all styles of doors you want to paint or repaint, keep in mind that you will have to apply two coats of new paint anyway, letting the first one dry well before laying the second.

To paint a single panel door, we recommend that you visually divide your door into eight sections. Start at the top left angle with a 50-75 mm brush, crossing the brushstrokes and moving horizontally and then vertically. Do the same for each section, first painting the adjacent area and then moving to the lower divisions.

It is advisable to do renovation work to restore the charm of your home. For the renovation of the interior doors, you do not have to call on a professional. You can renovate your interior doors yourself if you are a DIY enthusiast and have the requisite equipment.

renovating an old apartment
Different techniques make your home door more original. You can use masking tape, painter’s tape or stripes of colour to create geometric patterns to bring lightness, a movement to the décor, or depth. You can play with the door, make some trompe l’oeil, hide it, or highlight it as the centre of the room. Find the right tools and equipment, and don’t waste another minute! And who knows, maybe your exterior doors or your fence are next!

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