A Complete Guide On How To Decorate Bedroom Walls Like A Pro

Can I decorate my bedroom walls, and how? That’s a question that arises when it comes to decorating your master bedroom. And it’s absolutely natural! The answer to your question is: YES! And, to tell you the truth, there are plenty of DIY bedroom ideas.

bedroom with blue and white walls and tv

Decorating a house doesn’t involve only arranging furniture or arranging plants in your living room. Decorating a house means decorating the walls. And you can that with all the walls in your house. Not only the ones in your living room. Decorating bedroom walls is really essential as it can improve your mood. And we can guarantee that there are plenty of bedroom decorating ideas. Here’s a complete guide on how to decorate yours like a pro. Are you ready to find out the best ideas? Let’s dive in!

How many walls should be decorated in a room?

Pictures, photos, and wall art create great points that catch the eye in dining rooms, living rooms, guest rooms and bedrooms. You just need to be really careful when adding decorative items either in the whole room or on the walls. You have to think of the colour schemes and style to create a balance within the room.

A bedroom with black furniture and 2 black and white double canvas pictures

When it comes to decorating the walls in your master bedroom, you should take into consideration many factors that will affect the result. The most important is to consider how many walls and which walls you’re going to decorate. You don’t need to worry, though! There are some tip tops to follow, not to exaggerate and achieve the desired effect.

Exclude walls

First, you’ll have to exclude the walls you aren’t going to decorate. Some walls have closets, doors and windows. Depending on the surface that is space-free, you may not need to add a piece of art at all. What’s more, walls with windows regularly have curtains which are a piece of art on their own.  Or they may have furniture against them. In this case, you can’t decorate that room wall, as you’ll overdo it, and you’ll create a confusing effect.

Mix and match

Wood-panelled and wallpapered walls also need to be decorated in moderation. In such a case, you better choose decorative items that will complement the style and match the colour of the wall pattern. 

Set your style

You won’t find an answer even in interior design magazines and sites. The ideal decor is to decide your bedroom’s style, whether it’s minimal, boho, modern, etc. and afterwards decorate the walls. Always consider art not as the focal point of the room but as a complementary of the whole bedroom design.  Every time you choose to add an item either on a blank wall or on a wallpapered wall,  take a step back and observe your room. If it seems balanced, then you’ve done a great job.

A girly bedroom with two different coloured walls

Do pictures and artwork need to be centred on a wall?

Nope! You don’t have to keep all items centred. It’s like having a TV in the bedroom. Which is the perfect spot to place your TV? Only in front of the foot of the bed? Absolutely not! You can place it anywhere you like, as long as you can watch while lying in bed.

The key to a well-decorated room is balance. This does not mean that all items should be the same shape, size, or colour. The same goes for decorating walls. The general rule is to place the main items in the middle of the wall and then arrange all the others around it. However, there are various wall decor ideas and layouts that can fit and match in every room as long as you keep a balance both in the room and on the wall.

Smart ideas to decorate your bedroom walls

Empty walls in a room act as a blank canvas to create and display your decorating ideas. From hanging just a small framed photo to using wallpapers or transforming your walls to “gallery walls”, you can completely give your living space a makeover.

Decorating your walls might sound a bit tricky, but it’s really not! It’s just like decorating any other room. Here are some ideas you can use to decorate the walls of your master bedroom, kids bedroom or even your guest small bedroom.

1. Create a gallery wall over your bed

A gallery wall act as a focal point in every room. Pick frames of different sizes and create your gallery wall of souvenirs, photos and wall art. Choose canvas prints of the same colour scheme or display black and white photos of your beloved ones. Hang them over your bed from one side to another and create a mosaic. Just be sure to leave gaps in between them so that the wall is visible.

2. Hang (a) mirror(s)

Hanging mirrors on walls makes the room look bigger and brighter. It’s an ideal solution if you have a small space. Mirrors will create the same illusion in your bedroom.  Lean a large mirror with a decorative frame against a blank wall to increase your room’s aesthetic. Or hang multiple smaller mirrors on an empty wall.

3. Place an oversized piece of art

An oversized art piece is an eye-catching idea for bedrooms as it’ll cover a large wall surface. Opt for relaxing themes with soft pastel hues to help you relax. Looking for the best art piece for your bedroom might be a bit puzzling as there are plenty of options. However, opt for the one that matches your you.

a modern bedroom with an oversized piece of Art

4. Hang plants

The not-so-common idea is to hang plants on the walls. Houseplants are most typical in the living room, kitchen or dining room, but not in the bedroom. But, now we recommend hanging more than one plants on your walls. Place them on floating shelves or wall planters and surround them with frames and lights. Everyone needs a dose of greenery in their life, so try it!  You’ll be amazed by the result!

5. Hang hats

It might be a bit weird, but it’s a good way to decorate your walls and turn them into wall art, especially if you have unique hats. Get self-adhesive wall hooks and install them on an empty space to hang your beautiful hats. It’s a great way to store them too! Think about it!

6. Create a wall mural

If you want to save up money, paint a DIY wall mural instead of buying an art piece or installing wallpaper. You’ll have the chance to make your statement wall, let your imagination explode and add your personal touch.

7. Turn your wall into an accent wall

A completely white bedroom is a dull bedroom for most people. For those who love uniqueness and want excitement in every part of their life, installing imaginative wallpaper and turning their monotonous wall into an accent wall is the perfect idea.

8. Flowers in scones

Sconces are a way to brighten a room. Mount sconces with flowers over the headboard or on each side of your bed and create a simple, sophisticated artwork to decorate your bedroom wall.

9. Surround the headboards with lights

For those who are more romantic, it’s a well-known method. Install lights. A few string lights around the headboard can turn your dull wall into an idyllic one. You can either use clothespins to hang photos on the strings, or you dress your bedroom wall with textile and install lights to make it cosier.

a bed with a pallet headboard surrounded by lights

10. Hang book pages

If you like reading, then opt for this idea. Hang book pages (choose vintage ones for greater decor) over your bed frame and create a sophisticated wall. Just make sure to hang them with double-sided tape for a better look.

11. Hang letters and numbers

It’s more likely to see this in kids rooms, but you can still have it in your bedroom. White walls are perfect to have letters and numbers. You can write favourite quotes, words or even spread them to add colour to your wall. The choice is yours!

12. Add vintage posters

Add some vintage posters. Choose different sizes and hang them in your bedroom, especially if you have a white and minimal room to add some colour. Large vintage posters can be used as a headboard as well.

13. Hang fabrics, tapestry or carpet

Fabric, tapestry and carpet wall hanging is an excellent way to make your bedroom feel cosier or exotic, depending on the pattern your wall hanging fabric will have.

14. Hang a chalkboard

A great and inexpensive way to decorate your “whatever colour wall” is a chalkboard. Choose one of any size you like, hang it on a wall and write the message you want to read every morning when you wake up.

A beautiful bedroom with capreting to reduce noise

You shouldn’t trouble yourself if you don’t have any white walls in your bedroom. Plenty of home decor design ideas are available online. You’ll find the perfect bedroom wall decor to suit even in the most colourful walls!

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