5 Different Ways To Make Your Own Bookmark

Crafting new stuff is amazing. From your personal stress ball to an amazing gift bag for a friend. But sometimes you need something more sophisticated! Isn’t reading one of the most rewarding hobbies? Well, if you’re a book lover, we’re sure you’ll answer this question with a yes. And certainly, all the bookworms out there will know the importance of a good bookmark

Books with bookmarks

It’s not just about knowing where to continue reading your favourite book from, but it’s also about giving this whole process of reading a very personal touch. You can always go out and buy one, but there’s fun and creativity that you can pour in making your own bookmark designs. There’s nothing that can match that contentment, that’s for sure. This is a very easy project you can complete, definitely a lot easier than binding your own book! Is your artsy side already scratching its way out to take over you? Well then, without further ado, let’s begin! 

Bookmark Craft Ideas 

Custom bookmarks are personalized and the best part is you can craft them on your own. 

Whether you go for the free printable ones and add a bit of your own flair to them or design your bookmarks from scratch – it’s really on you. 

However, since you’re here you must be looking for some mind-blowing ideas that you can pull off yourself. Well, don’t worry; we’re here to fuel your creativity and boost your confidence to design one of these DIY bookmarks all on your own!

1. How to make a simple paper bookmark

Here are all the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: To design a simple yet functional bookmark, the first thing you’d need is a piece of cardstock. You can cut out the shape that you want for your paper bookmark, preferably something that’s slim and rectangular.

Step 2: Next, you’d need a piece of paper that you want to work on. It can be a coloured computer one or any other paper of your choice. Cut it out in the same shape as the cardstock and stick it on top of it.

Step 3: Now add details like;

  • Stickers 
  • Cut-outs; hearts, stars, snowflakes, or any other design
  • Watercolours (if you are a paint-person
  • Glitter 
  • Quotes

Step 4: Once you’re done, punch a hole on top of your paper bookmark and slip a ribbon or a rope through it. This will give your art piece a more rustic and classy look. 

You can also design heart bookmarks if you’re into paper crafts and looking to try out different shapes. Try putting them on top of craft sticks or paper clips to find out which one you like better. 

Heart bookmarks get a little too cheesy for everyone, which is why they make simple yet great gifts for Valentine’s day. Go ahead and give it a try for your beloved.

Yellow and blue paper bookmark ,glue,pencil and scissors on wooden table

2. How to create a beaded ribbon bookmark

If you want to be a little fancier with your artwork, try out the beaded ribbon bookmark and you’re going to really love it! 

Step 1: So, first things first – get the ribbon and the beads that you want. You can order them online or find some at your home. Another way to make these DIY bookmarks stand out is to add a charm – probably something that reflects your personality. 

But if you don’t want to go for a charm, that’s okay too. Just beads and ribbons would be enough to create the template that you want. 

Step 2: Cut a 45 to 75 cm long ribbon and thread all the beads over both tails. If you want to follow a specific pattern on one end of the ribbon and keep it separate, then tying a knot would do the trick for you. 

Step 3: You can leave a space of 10-25 cm and can either add a charm in the middle or leave it be – it’s totally up to you. 

Step 4: Once you are finished, you can loop the ribbon bookmark over the page or follow the plain ol’ style and keep it between the pages. 

It does make a great gift for your best friend, so on their next birthday, go ahead and impress them with your love and creativity. They’ll fall in love with it. 

3. How to make a magnetic bookmark

Let’s take our DIY game to another level and give you a small tutorial on how to craft a magnetic bookmark.

Step 1: So, for this, you need magnetic paper or two small magnets, along with some ribbon, paper, and other decorative items. 

Step 2: Start by wrapping the paper (whichever kind you chose; glace, scratch, computer paper, etc.) around the cardstock. Doing this will give extra support to the magnets and prevent your bookmark from getting ruined due to the weight. 

Magnetic bookmark with notebook

Step 3: Make sure both items have similar dimensions, and then fold it in half. Open it again, stick the magnets on either side of the paper, and close it again. Now both magnets are on the inside while the paper sits on top.

Step 4: You can decorate your bookmark template with watercolour, crayons, paints, or stickers. Follow your heart, and embellish your bookmark design any way you want. 

Very simple yet unconventional – if you want to go for some out-of-the-box DIY bookmarks, magnetic ones are the ones for you. 

4. How to make pom pom bookmarks

If you’re a major girly girl, these tassel bookmarks would definitely suit your taste and style. Allow me to walk you through a simple tutorial for crafting one of these bookmark crafts for your favourite book.

Step 1: You will need cardboard or fabric scraps, hot or fabric glue, a tassel maker, ruler, scissors, decorative items, and yarn. 

Step 2: Next, whether you’re choosing cardboard or fabric, make sure to cut two similar pieces. Stick these pieces against each other with glue. 

Step 3: After you are done making the scaffold, you can decorate it however you like. Try out different craft ideas like sprinkling paint chips on top of the fabric bookmark. It looks very cool if you colour the paint chips in different colours. 

Just let the imaginations drive your creativity and the result will be “unlimited options.” 

Step 4: Now, with the help of a tassel maker, wrap the yarn around it and make two pom-poms of any colour that you like. Use the remaining yarn to wrap on top of the finished items for the final look. 

Step 5: Leave extra inches on the yarn that you used to wrap so that you can pull the pom pom through the holes on either side of the bookmark template.

Step 6: Don’t forget to double knot the yarn you just pulled through to keep the tassels hanging. 

Crochet bookmarks are more or less the same, requiring similar items. If you want to go for something trickier yet fabulous – crochet bookmarks can be ideal for you! 

Kid holding a book with crafted paper corner bookmark

5. How to make corner bookmarks 

If there’s one book that tops our reading list every single time, it would be Harry Potter. We can’t thank J.K Rowling enough for making our childhood so magical and adventurous. 

And, we are sure, most of you feel the same way, like – wingardium levi ohh saa.

Well, we designed a few corner bookmarks for all the Harry Potter books that look incredibly classy. They are a little challenging to craft, but we’re sure after going through all the steps of this tutorial, you’ll eventually get the hang of it. 

Step 1: You will only need origami paper for this one. Cut out a square of any size, depending on the size of your book. 

Step 2: Fold the square diagonally so that it looks like a triangle. Make sure to keep the creases sharp.

Step 3: Now, face the tip of the triangle on top with its base facing towards you. Hold the tip of the paper that’s facing upwards and fold it down. 

Step 4: Take the two ends of the triangle’s base and fold them upwards, i.e., to the tip of the triangle. 

Step 5: Fold the two sides inside the hollow structure that you see. After this step, only one triangle (the one that has no folds) will be left, and ta-da, you’re done! 

Step 6: Decorate the corner bookmark however you like, and use this bookmark template for your planner or book. 

Open book with red ribbon bookmark

And there you go, bookworms – a detailed guide on how to make your custom bookmarks! You can choose the one you like, gather all the items needed, and start today. However, if you’re not an arts and crafts person and don’t want to draft any bookmark designs on your own – don’t worry; it’s understandable. You can always find beautiful printable bookmarks on the internet. Making these little art pieces is truly a relaxing and mind-relieving activity – so go on, don’t waste any more of your precious time and give it a try.  

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